College Park House

Relocating from overseas back to Adelaide drove the renovation of this beautiful but tired villa.


The front rooms were lovely and large so they only required a lick of paint and some new carpet, but the lean-to had to go. 

The corner location and the awkward north direction inspired the concept for a pavilion living space linked  by a glass walkway to the existing villa.


The pavilion style addition allows northern light to flood the living space and kitchen and also allows for a separate entertaining pod from the bedroom and bathroom zone.

An informal side entry allows guests and family to enter directly into the living space, by-passing the bedroom zone. 

A beautiful new pool sits at the end of the Dining room and is overlooked by the Outdoor Entertaining and the Kitchen areas.

A simple, yet sophisticated garden sets the pavilion as a true indoor/outdoor room. 

SNoonan_RRA_52HarrowRd_140318_001 (2).jp
SNoonan_RRA_52HarrowRd_140318_004 (2).jp
SNoonan_RRA_52HarrowRd_140318_012 (2).jp
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