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This beautiful sandstone Return Verandah Villa just needed a good paint on the outside, but internally the layout needed some rework to get it back to a layout that suited the owners' growing family. 

The rear lean-to was removed to make way for a contemporary open plan addition. Some internal walls to the existing house were also removed to create a better flow.

An Ensuite and Dressing Room and a family Bathroom have been created with the existing house. 

At the end of the existing hallway sits a pair of new steel doors that creates the transition between the old and the new. 

In the link between the old house and the new addition sits the Study, a new stair to a new cellar, plus a Powder Room that is concealed with Easy VJ cladding. 

The addition houses the new Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry and Living and Dining space which opens onto a Terrace space with LouvreTec roofing that allows the sun through when open and the rain out when closed. 

The Terrace links to the old Garage which was given a fresh coat of paint.  Vertical  timber cladding was also added to conceal the cars behind. 

Styling by: Maz Mis

Photos by: Christopher Morrison 

Build by: Milne Projects 

Landscaping by: Greenwell Landscapes 


Terrace 1.jpg
Kitchen 1.jpg
Living Dining 3.jpg
Terrace 3.jpg
Living Dining 1.jpg
Sitting room 2.jpg
Secret door open .jpg
steel side doors 5.jpg
Outside corner window 1.jpg
Garage Steel Pergola.jpg
House side.jpg
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