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Parkside House

Modifying the existing lean-to structure and re-using as much as possible of the existing was the driving force behind the design for this renovation.


This included leaving a structural beam over the Dining Area, hence the battened ceiling and wall that disguises the beam and conceals a door into a laundry and powder room behind. 

The architecture was driven by two key factors; a desire to allow as much natural light as possible, allowing winter sun and warmth, but maintaining sunshade in summer, hence the cantilevered overhang to the large Living Room windows.


The second key factor of the architecture was to create a real sense of indoor/outdoor connection so that when you are inside, you feel like you are in the garden. 


The indoor/outdoor bench seat and disappearing door and window were designed to enhance the indoor/outdoor connection. 

Warmth was created with a herringbone timber floor, concrete rendered walls, and different ceiling heights and treatments. 

Photography by: Sam Noonan 

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